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Pure Ionic Silver

Pure Ionic Silver

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Liquid Life Ionic Silver is a solution of 100% pure silver ions in distilled water.

The ionic silver is concetrated at 16–20 PPM (parts per million) which is equivalent to 50–60 PPM of standard colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver vs Ionic Silver

Colloidal silver manufactured using low voltage electrolysis (12V–40V) typically contains 20–40% Silver Ions. This is the active ingredient in colloidal silver and carries a positive electrical charge.

In Liquid Life Ionic Silver all the silver is in this active, positively charged ionic form and does not contain any inert silver colloids (no metal).

Ionic Silver is specifically designed to overcome the limitations of colloidal silver by providing a more effective delivery mechanism that shields it from chloride and other salts in the body, enabling it to be delivered intact to where it is needed.

  • 100% ionic formulation
  • Contains only silver ions and steam distilled water
  • No metal
  • 100% bio available
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Made in Australia