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A comprehensive herbal digestive aid addressing chronic symptoms of poor digestion. The herbs in this formula are shown to stimulate and enhance digestion, promote healthy appetite and relieve food stagnation (indigestion) associated with poor or sluggish digestive function.

Do you suffer from mild digestive complaints such as bloating, burping, flatulence or irregular bowel movements?

These types of symptoms may indicate poor or sluggish digestive function, and are often the result of dietary habits like overeating, eating a poor diet (for example, consuming excessive amounts of greasy food, alcohol or sugary food or drinks), not taking the time to chew your food properly, or eating in a hurry or while under stress.

Fusion® Digestive Tonic contains herbs traditionally used to stimulate and enhance digestion and relieve symptoms of over-indulgence, non-specific dyspepsia (indigestion) , gastritis and medically diagnosed IBS.

The herbs in this formula have been carefully blended according to the ancient principles of TCM, which views digestion as a process in which the Stomach and Spleen organ-meridian systems work together to transform food into nutrients and Qi (energy), transport them to where they’re needed and facilitate the elimination of wastes.

For example, among other herbs, Digestive Tonic contains Red Date, Chinese Yam and Atractylodes to harmonise and strengthen the Stomach and Spleen. Also present are herbs such as Asian Hawthorn and Radish Seed, which are traditionally used to promote digestion and eliminate food stagnation, and Citrus Peel, which is traditionally indicated for abdominal bloating and sensations of being overly full.

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.