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Dr Tungs Smart Floss

Dr Tungs Smart Floss

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  • Removes more plaque
  • Stretches and Cleans
  • Naturally waxed
  • Cardamom flavour

Smart Floss stretches and expands into interdental spaces for better removal of plaque and food particles. This high-performance floss is suitable for everyone - people with tight spaces, wider spaces...even braces.

Smart Floss is gentle on gums, cushion-soft and stretchy, unlike flosses with no spring that can often hurt gums and fingers both!

Smart Floss is clinically proven to be more effective than regular floss. It has been shown to remove up to 40% more plaque than some of the most popular flosses, i.e. regular waxed and unwaxed flosses and PTFE monofilament floss.