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Caruso Sleep More 60Tabs

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Caruso's Sleep More®


Caruso's Sleep More is a herbal sleeping tablet, which can help to calm the mind, promote body relaxation and relieve sleeplessness.


Insufficient sleep may affect people in different ways, either by preventing them from falling asleep or from remaining asleep for an adequate length of time. Caruso's Sleep More may support healthy sleeping patterns, improve sleep quality and promote a refreshing sleep. Caruso's Sleep More can relieve disturbed sleep by decreasing sleeplessness and restless sleep, while reducing the time required to fall asleep. The herbal extracts have soporific actions which induce sleep and may assist in restoring a healthy sleep-and-wake cycle and support a healthy mood balance.


Caruso's Sleep More Health Indications:

  • Reduce time to fall asleep
  • Improve sleep quality, enhancing deep sleep
  • Support healthy sleeping patterns
  • Relieve nervous tension/unrest
  • Increase body and mind relaxation
  • Reduce mental over activity

    Name: Theanine from Green Tea

    Description: Theanine is an amino acid, which helps with the formation of relaxing alpha waves in the brain. Theanine promotes body relaxation, helps to calm the body and mind, enhances adaptation to stress and also reduces the occurrence of symptoms of mild anxiety.

    Name: Kava

    Description: Kava is a calmative herb, which helps to promote relaxation for the nervous system, mind and body. It may be beneficial to reduce symptoms of mild anxiety and stress.

    Name: Passion flower

    Description: Passion flower has been traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to enhance healthy sleep patterns, promote a refreshing sleep and help restore the circadian rhythm. Passion flower can decrease the time to fall asleep which may be beneficial in reducing disturbed, restless sleep and sleeplessness.

    Name: Hops

    Description: Hops is a herb that is beneficial for maintaining general mental wellbeing and supporting healthy mood balance. It has traditional uses in Chinese medicine to relieve excess nervous energy and tension, including symptoms of nervous ingestion and dyspepsia.