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Annas Wild Yam Cream

Annas Wild Yam Cream

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After seventeen years of experience and the feedback from many thousands of satisfied women, who have shared their successes on a wide range of feminine issues, you may like to check out their testimonies on our 'Feedback' page. While these testimonies may be 'Anecdotal' the cumulative results over many years are building into an impressive history of 'Empirical evidence'. While there is no 'scientific' evidence that wild yam creams can transdermally deliver the benefits of their traditional herbal ingredients, there is simply no other explanation possible in light of the extensive results achieved.

Testimonies confirm our original understanding that Anna's Wild Yam Cream was capable of much more than the false suggestion of just providing Oestrogenic benefits, it appears on the wide range of benefits that these women have experienced go beyond all of the Adrenal Cortex steroids.

The active ingredient of wild yam is Diosgenin, a Phyto Sterol which has many amazing health benefits derived from a natural bio-chemical lipid pathway which is activated by phyto sterol nutrients and aided by numerous enzymes, leading to the production of Ubiquinone, Dolichols, Squalene and Cholesterol. This pathway is known as the 'Mevalonate Pathway'.