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Dare to Ignite Health - Brittney Barber

Brittney Barber Bio

Founder of Dare To Ignite

Blogger, Public speaker and Health Coach

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My name is Brittney Barber and I am a holistic health coach, public speaker and health and wellness, blogger.

I have been passionate about holistic and healthy living for the last 6 years and to say the least, it has been a bumpy road, but I am becoming the best version of myself because of it.

It all started when my Dad found out he had coeliac disease and the family had to make some serious changes so that Dad wouldn’t be putting his life at serious risk at every meal. These changes soon turned into curiosity about nutrition and eventually turned into a lifetime investigation into making healthy living an actual lifestyle.

Ever so slowly, I began to discover that health doesn’t just come from exercise and diet, health needs to be maintained from all categories of life; our careers, our relationships, our mental health, our spirituality and how we move and fuel our bodies.

I started Dare to Ignite 2 years ago and it began as an affirmation just for me, to get me out of bed and to keep striving for my dreams. As I began to truly look after myself, I started to feel a great purpose in wanting to help others find the life that they love. I have since been sculpting Dare to Ignite into a platform where we can pull back the outer layers of our personality, hiding who we really are. We do this by asking questions that invoke truth, promote action and bring more meaning into our lives. 

Dare to Ignite is a manifestation of me finally following my heart and embracing my inner self, I urge you to come along for the ride with me and we can create a life that you love living.

find me here - https://www.facebook.com/daretoignitehealth/