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- Naturopath -

Jordon Mueller Nauturopath

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to introduce myself – Jordon Mueller - as the newest team member at Mandurah Health Supply.

I am a qualified naturopath with knowledge and training in nutrition & herbal medicine and am here to assist you with any health concerns you may have, no matter how big or small.

I have personally overcome numerous long-standing health issues with the use of natural & alternative  medicine including a lifetime of weight-problems beginning at age 3, a diagnosis of autoimmune Ulcerative Colitis (UC) shortly after facing loss/grief during high school as well as the stress/anxiety that so commonly accompanies chronic health problems like these.

I’m one of those people that question and need to understand just about everything.
It was this curiosity (and maybe a touch of stubbornness) that caused me to not take no for an answer when my specialist told me that my diet had no effect in managing UC (a disease of the digestive system) and that medications were my only option.

After having so much success with my own health and seeing this result in a much more fulfilling life overall, I completed a bachelor’s degree in naturopathy to satisfy my desire to share what I have learnt and help others to do the same.

I’ve established a home-based clinic called “Herbology Lab” where I see clients for one-on-one holistic health consultations and am so excited to now be able to interact with even more people in-store and to help you find whatever it is that you need!

I’ve learnt so many incredible things about herbs, nutrition and the human body along my healing journey but the two key things that have become foundational in shaping me as a naturopath are:

-        We all have completely unique bodies – each requiring different diet and lifestyle practices in order to reach and maintain optimal health.
I practice individualised medicine where no two people are the same and I take the time to get to know you in all of your uniqueness.

-        There is much more to us than just a physical body that makes us human & healthy. Our thoughts & emotions as well as our environment & relationships all contribute equally to our overall well-being. I practice truly holistic medicine taking into account the mind, body and spirit and strive for balance in all of these areas.

I believe that knowledge is power and will be sharing lots of information about some of the wonderful products we stock in store through the Mandurah Health Supply social media pages but you can also book a consultation through my personal pages or via my website listed below - I offer 20% off your initial consultation for anybody who finds me through Mandurah Health Supply so be sure to mention this upon booking!

Website: www.herbologylab.com.au
Instagram: @Herbology_Lab
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HerbologyLabNaturopath/