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Paleo in Mandurah: A Guide to Success

Paleo in Mandurah: A Guide to Success

Following a Paleo diet?

It can be hard at first to manage when you're out and about. You might not know where to find a Paleo friendly snack or meal. But we've found the best ways for you to thrive on your Paleo diet here in Mandurah.

Find a Paleo Friendly Cafe

Socialising is essential for health and well-being. So whether you're a brunch addict or a smoothie lover, make sure you check out these Paleo cafes:

Ellie's Cafe

If you're in the Rockingham area, Ellie's Cafe in Port Kennedy is worth a look. Ellie's Cafe has Paleo, vegetarian and vegan options, so everyone can enjoy a meal. Don't let the rain put you off – Ellie's has a lovely little alfresco area. On the run? You can get anything from the menu as a takeaway option.

Visit their facebook here

Something Raw Cafe

Something Raw Cafe Mandurah

Although Something Raw is a raw vegan based menu, there are plenty of Paleo options too! Grab a juice or smoothie on the way through. If you stop in for a meal and are unsure what is Paleo, ask a friendly staff member to help you choose.

visit their website here

Health Freak Cafe

Health Freak Cafe

You read right: Mandurah Health Freak Cafe is on its way for a grand opening. Whether you're wanting a leisurely Paleo breakfast or an indulgent Paleo burger, the Health Freak team has you covered. It's due for a Grand opening in March 2018 however, we are sure its open right now and is sporting some good reviews :). (Thanks Hazel for your heads up)

visit their website here

Sip A Paleo Protein Powder Shake

If you love to work out, it's important to have a Paleo post-workout smoothie ready to enjoy. With the right protein powder, you can whip up your own Paleo recipe in no time! Our favourite picks for Paleo protein powders include:

Prana Primal Protein

  $36.00 400g ( take a further 20% off 20th July 17)

Get your Primal on with Prana's protein powder. This nutritious powder combines the power of plant-based protein, superfoods and probiotics to support your body naturally. It comes in three delicious flavours – Wildberry & Coconut, Hazelnut Cacao and Vanilla Bean & Maple.

Keen to get some protein? Pop down to Mandurah Health Supply to get your hands on a bag.

Amazonia Raw Paleo Fermented Protein


To keep your gut happy and healthy, try Amazonia's Raw Paleo Fermented Protein a try. This Paleo protein powder is made from fermented seeds and greens. It's easy to digest and absorb, and super tasty as well!

Get yourself some Amazonia Raw Paleo Fermented Protein in Salted Caramel & Coconut at Mandurah Health Supply.

Munch On Paleo Friendly Snacks

When you're hungry, it's much harder to stick to healthy options! That's why it's important to keep Paleo snacks on hand. A couple of our favourite easy Paleo snacks include:

Seed Sister Seeds N Stuff

 $14.50 (500g)

The best snacks are simple and yummy. Seed Sister has mastered this with their Seeds N Stuff mix. Full of fruit, seeds and pseudograin seeds, it's a high protein and high fibre Paleo snack. Even those who are allergic to nuts can enjoy this trail mix option, as it's nut-free.

To get your hands on this delicious mix, pick yourself up a bag from Mandurah Health Supply.

Blue Dinosaur Paleo Bars


Everyone loves a nutritious and delicious Blue Dinosaur bar! These are packed with high quality Paleo ingredients that satisfy your appetite and nourish your body.

Make sure you pick up your bars from Mandurah Health Supply – we stock 4 delicious flavours:

  • Dark Cacao Paleo Bar
  • Ginger Nut Paleo Bar
  • Mac'Lemon Paleo Bar
  • Brazilian Paleo Bar

Enjoy A Paleo Lifestyle

Paleo isn't just about the food. Make sure you enjoy everything Mandurah has to offer. The beach, the surf and the estuary all offer Paleo-friendly activities such as surfing, wildlife watching and fishing. Enjoy the sunshine and the water – you can't get more Paleo than that.

What are your favourite Paleo spots in Mandurah? Share with us below.

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