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Mandurah Spring Cleaning: Detox The Healthy Way

Spring Detox in Mandurah

Spring is nearly here, and with spring comes a renewed desire to take care of your body. Many have put on a bit of weight with winter comfort foods. Others want to reset their fitness and vitality. But skip the fad diets and shakes – we're going to share the right way to approach a spring reset program. 

The Basics of Detoxification 

The reason that people fall for fad detox plans is because they don't understand how detoxification works. The human body does have multiple organs and processes to detoxify the body.

However, a good detox or cleanse will simply support this process. 

Detoxification is about removing toxins. But 'toxins' aren't unidentified nasties. Toxins include excess hormones, medications, caffeine, alcohol and chemicals from other sources. The body wants to remove these before they overstay their welcome and do damage. 

These toxins are sent to the liver, your main detox organ. Here, the organ uses amino acids and B vitamins to repackage the toxins, so they can be easily excreted from the body. From there, they leave the body via other channels – such as the bowel, urine and skin. 

Foods That Support Your Liver 

The best way to detoxify is to remove processed junk foods, and focus on foods that support liver function. Here are some of the best foods to add to your detox: 

Bitter foods 

They may not be the tastiest, but they stimulate bile flow from the liver. Bitter foods include lemon, kale, rocket, dandelion greens and apple cider vinegar.


Many detoxes may eliminate high protein foods. But amino acids from protein are essential for the detoxification processes in the liver. Meat, fish and eggs are good options. For plant-based eaters, look to quinoa and legumes. 

B group vitamin foods 

Many B group vitamins are needed for optimal liver function. Look to your whole-foods for your B dose – meat, eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds. 

High antioxidant foods 

Antioxidants work to protect the body from damage while the liver detoxifies. Plant foods are where it's at for antioxidants – brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, teas and super-foods like cacao are packed full. 

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